Online fitness & nutrition and virtual personal training.

In-home personal training in Calgary, Airdrie & Okotoks.

We work with clients of all ages, in all life stages, and health conditions to help you feel good in your body. Our programs promote health, fitness, and function, and mobility at any age or size. We offer a variety of services including in-home, online, or hybrid personal training and online coaching. We work with you to create sustainable lifestyle changes that will improve your health, fitness, and overall quality of life. All our services are customized to you and your unique goals and situation.

Whether you intend on working out in a gym or have a home gym, a condo gym, or minimal to no equipment, we have flexible and convenient options for you. We offer one-on-one personal training, small group training, online coaching, and nutrition coaching.

Unbounded U Fitness

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Start your Fitness Journey with a Taster Session!

During the taster session, we will evaluate each client’s strengths and weaknesses (aerobic fitness, strength, balance, mobility, and flexibility).

A taster session includes 1 in-home or virtual live session. Each taster session involves goal mapping, movement & fitness assessment, and a brief introductory workout.

The taster session is an excellent opportunity to meet one of our expert trainers and decide if we are a good fit before committing to one of our signature programs or personal training and nutrition coaching packages.

Taster Session with Female Personal Trainer


Book a taster session with a female personal trainer. All our trainers are Clinical Exercise Physiologists, Kinesiologists, and/or female certified personal trainers who have training specifically in coaching women and we understand that women have different goals, backgrounds, health concerns, and specific needs health-, fitness- and performance -wise that are unique from their male counterparts.

Taster Session for Older Adult


Book a taster session with an expert in fitness and aging. All our trainers are Clinical Exercise Physiologists, Kinesiologists, and/or Functional Aging Experts with extensive experience working with the aging population and individuals with chronic disease, pain, or in poor health.

We will discuss the best options and programs we have available to help each older adult reach their health, wellness goals, and fitness goals.


We offer convenient and affordable one on one or small group personal training with a certified personal trainer in the comfort of your own home.


We provide convenient, affordable and flexible online coaching with the support, accountability and mentorship of a certified online personal trainer.


For those looking for one on one in person support from a certified personal trainer, but also the flexibility and ease of online training.


We also support your health and fitness goals, through supplements when appropriate. For many clients the combination habit-based nutrition coaching and supplements is the best approach.


The following are some of the signature programs we offer at Unbounded U Fitness.

Unbounded by Age

Age is just a number. We design programs to help you improve your aerobic fitness, balance, and mobility, and build strength. You will stop worrying about injuring yourself and have energy to focus on daily activities and on activities that bring you joy, like keeping up with grand kids and trying new hobbies.

Unbounded in Twelve

Get off the extreme diet and exercise roller coaster for good! Develop an inner confidence to make you feel strong, sexy, and unstoppable. With fun & fast fat-burning workouts, whole foods nutrition & mindset coaching, we will help you transform your mind and body and build sustainable lifestyle habits!

Unbounded by Health

Take your life back. We help individuals with chronic disease, pain, and obesity, safely incorporate exercise and other healthy habits into their lives. We help individuals improve their health and fitness, have more energy, limit their pain, improve their quality of life, take their lives back and have fun doing so.

Unbounded by Food

Say goodbye to fad diets and extreme approaches. What if you could finally get the body you want, while still enjoying food and without following another diet? Change your relationship with food. Build sustainable habits, boost your confidence and achieve long-lasting mind and body transformation.

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