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Testimonials from Our Clients


I worked with Kristina for several months and was incredibly grateful to her for her knowledge, training and my results! I felt more energy, saw improvements to body structure and strength! She motivated me and encouraged me to ALWAYS do better. Completely worth the time and money! She was always so careful in all our sets to ensure I was executing them safely, properly and effectively. Excellent trainer and a high recommend!


My husband and I LOVE working out with Kristina with Unbounded Fitness! She is an incredibly passionate, knowledgeable, thorough and FUN personal trainer. She makes it easy for us to actually get good workouts in while we have two little kids at home. She is very flexible and always works around how we are feeling and our bodies' needs. We highly recommend Unbounded U Fitness!!!


I started training with Kristina about four months ago now and I am definitely hooked. From the very beginning I was immediately comfortable working with her and motivated! Kristina is extremely knowledgeable and knew exactly how to help me reach my goals! She is fun to work with, very professional and always checks in to see how my nutrition and rest days are going. I would 100% recommend her.


My husband and I have had Kristina come to our house over the past year and she’s great at designing a personalized fitness program to meet your individual needs. I recently wanted to change up my program to a more strength training focus and I am thoroughly enjoying it, it’s definitely a new challenge for me and I’m very glad I have Kristina’s professional guidance to help me navigate it. Kristina always come to your home with a smile on her face and a positive attitude that helps to motivate you.


Kristina is awesome! She created personalized ‘just for me’ workouts, is positive and motivating, and always professional. Highly recommend!


My wife and I are BEYOND satisfied Kristina agreed to become our personal trainer. She is a wealth of fitness and health information, is able to concurrently coach different skill and fitness levels at the same time (my wife has incredible endurance levels, and was struggling with weak knees; I had no endurance, weak shoulders, and got light headed with vertical transitions), is humble enough to say I don't know, but will find out (and she does!!). Eight months in, and I am proud to say with Kristina's coaching, guidance, and PATIENCE, my wife's & I fitness levels have exceeded our expectations. Thank you Kristina!


Kristina is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to fitness and nutrition. When I first started with her I was in the recovery process of an injured shoulder and knee. The workouts she created for me were mindfully selected as to aid in the rehabilitation. She always arrives with a smile, and gives much encouragement during our hour together. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for an in-home trainer. Her dedication to your success is unwavering, with the convenience of being in your home with all tools for success delivered to your door!


Kristina has been an amazing person to work with and has help put me on the right path to reach my fitness goals. With the workout plans tailored to my body type and the nutritional advice for my daily life I have already begun to see improvements in my overall health and mindset and it’s only been 3 weeks.


Kristina is such a great trainer! Super friendly, knowledgeable and flexible and she knew exactly what I was looking for in terms of results and built the perfect plan for me. She is a really dedicated trainer who is solely interested in my physical wellness. Highly recommend her!


Great trainer, very knowledgeable and easy to work with! Keeps you motivated and happy!


Working with Kristina has been a very rewarding experience as her expertise and style of training is very personalized which has resulted in excellent results in both my husband and I. Her unique approach and understanding of our individual needs makes training effective, safe and motivating. Her variety of exercises makes reaching our health goals enjoyable. I would highly recommend Kristina as an in-home trainer and I look forward to continuing working with her.


I would without a doubt recommend Kristina to be your personal trainer. She has a BSc in Kinesiology and a Phd in Exercise Science. Those are just the tip of the iceberg for this lady. She has many certificates that I can't even remember at this present moment. Look her up on her website to see more. She will come to your home fully qualified and with lots of energy and a smile. Not to mention with lots of great ideas and combo exercises to get you in the shape you want. But it takes the focus and determination from us to carry out the results you desire.<br /> Kristina is very reliable and she always shows up just a little before your scheduled time. If you want an experienced trainer Kristina is your gal. Thank you so much Kristina for all your hours of training/ coaching. I will always appreciate your knowledge.


I trained with Kristina about 3 or 4 times a week. It was a whole new outlook on training her passion and knowledge coupled with a genuine want to motivate me and strengthen me was brilliant. She created workouts that were progressive, pushed me and achieved great results. Would 100% recommend Kristina.


Kristina is always prompt and well prepared for each session. She is very knowledgeable and encouraging...she is making a positive difference for my mobility issues!!


I have trained with Kristina for about a year twice a week. A year ago I was physically unmotivated and sore due to my physical job. Kristina has helped me reduce the strain on my muscles through bodybuilding and strength. She has taught me routine and enthusiasm towards physical activity in my life. I look back at my initial photo and feel so much more confident in my own skin now. Thank you Kristina for helping me find passion in exercise. It has helped me mentally and my back pain is pretty much gone now! Top notch trainer who was always dependable and adaptable to my goals.


Kristina is always cheerful, motivational and pushes me to work hard (even when I do not feel up for it). I have many injuries and she is great at working with me to find exercises that will help improve my strength but minimize extra strain on my injuries.


Kristina was great, I would definitely recommend her for anybody looking to get in better shape. She was incredibly accommodating, she always adapted to the situation, and she made sure to take my preferences into consideration. She was even willing to send workout plans for me to do while I was on vacation because I asked her to. She was infinitely supportive and motivating. Very easy to work with!


Our 11 year old son has arthritis in his knee and suffered a stroke when he was younger. These factors and our son's aversion to many physical activities encouraged us to seek out and find a personal trainer/coach. Kristina was fantastic at motivating our son towards more physical activity and to help build his strength, coordination and confidence. Kristina was sensitive to our son's interests (e.g. games, challenges) and continuously came up with creative routines that leveraged these. Our son always looked forward to working with Kristina and always had fun during their workouts. Each workout he would finish tired, happy, with rosy red cheeks. We've noticed a huge difference in our son's ability to run and his physical stamina. We highly, highly recommend Kristina as a personal trainer and particularly for anyone with children who could benefit from a bit of physical ``tutoring`` to help them excel!


Love the workout Kristina bringing new variations to us. We're always looking forward to a new workout.


Kristina is the ideal trainer. She is flexible, she comes to your house, she comes prepared with her own equipment and she works with the equipment you have. She is knowledgeable, and able to quickly adjust the workout to your personal needs and comfort level. She is exactly the person you want if you are looking to increase your fitness level or help regain mobility and strength. She has helped me regain strength that I thought was lost forever. I have lost weight, but more importantly, my pain levels decrease with every session. She is kind, compassionate, a fitness beast, and a great person. We are lucky to have her as a trainer. Look no further, you will be in good hands.


Kristina has been beyond amazing. I have suffered from back pains for 5 years, it had completely prevented me from working out. With her expertise I can say I have never felt stronger, I can do exercises I never thought I can do, I feel more fit than ever. I highly recommend her.


Kristina is the best! She's given me a completely personalized training program that has taken into account my previous injuries, my fitness goals, and my training space (in my basement). She works me hard during our training sessions and has given me several workouts to do on my own that are conveniently accessible from an app. I feel stronger every week 🙂 and my dog loves her too 🙂


The first reason that I picked Kristina was because she had a Polish name like my previous trainer but I lucked out because of her credentials and her wonderful, perpetual smile,her personalized training method and positive feedback. She is organized and plans her training for that individual she is working with. I am having surgery in July and she is helping me to get strong to handle it.


The team here is amazing and you can't go wrong working with any of the trainers! Their knowledge and enthusiasm are incredibly motivating and the programs they offer can't be beat. Even my husband is going to start on one. Definitely recommend!


Kristina is truly an amazing trainer. I was looking for some variety in my workout with some suggestions of exercises that would not affect my injury. She definitely exceeded my expectations! I love that I now have so many options. She is very positive and easy to relate to. I am not a gym joiner so coming to my home works perfectly for me. I also really like the fact that even if she has a workout prepared, if I want to focus on something different she can switch things up last minute. I absolutely recommend a taster session so you can see for yourself!


I’ve had Kristina support me during my pregnancy through in-home personal training for the last few months. It’s been nothing but an incredibly positive experience working with her! She’s reliable, knowledgeable, and thoroughly professional. She carefully drafts a plan based on an initial assessment, and walks you through every move, watching your posture, stance, and performance throughout the entire session, recording & adapting as needed. Kristina has a very friendly & positive demeanour and is an absolute pleasure to work out with!!


Kristina is an excellent and superbly qualified personal trainer. She is amazing at creating workout programs that are fun yet challenging. Kristina also gives great feedback and encouragement. Even more, she comes to you so you can exercise in the comfort of your own home (a godsend when you have small children). I can't recommend her highly enough and count myself lucky to be one of her clients!


I've been training with Kristina since October 2019. I truly enjoy working with her. I appreciate that she is able to tailor and create a routine to my unique issues and abilities. I know that there are few individuals in her field with her training and background and I am grateful that she was able to work me into her busy schedule.


Carling is an excellent, qualified & passionate personal trainer. Her workouts are focused on my own needs & ability. As I am a young, senior I was concerned with the possibility of injury or pushing myself too far, since finding Carling I completely trust her guidance & judgement as she has created a very safe environment where I always feel awesome after each workout. Carling has an encouraging way about her that continuously challenges me, I have come to realize she has more confidence in my own abilities than I do! I’m amazed to see the continuous progression & love the transformation in my overall fitness level & new toned body. I truly value Carling’s guidance, technical knowledge & her overall interest in me. These pandemic days we are doing our workouts together via FaceTime, am so grateful to have that option along with the same quality workout experience. Thank you Carling for being You!


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