About Vicki Luu


My love for the movement came at a young age. I started on skates at the age of two, dancing through the years, and joining every team sport I could until I was 17.
Through the years, the inevitable injuries spiraled into a love for functional movement and movement as medicine. This led me to the University of Waterloo where I received an Honours BSc in Kinesiology and continued my love for movement as a spin instructor at a local studio in Ontario. This blossomed my love for not only moving my body but also helping my community move.

I previously specialized in concussions, but my biggest takeaway is that the body is one large chain. What you may believe to be a wrist injury, may truthfully begin at the shoulder or your right shoulder injury may in fact be a deficit caused by your left lower back. But until you see and look at the whole picture, you may not know exactly what you have.

Outside of the gym, I love learning new activities or picking up an old skill. Whether it may be hiking to skiing or swimming to golfing, skating, or playing tennis. My favourite thing to do is simply move my body.




  • Bachelor of Kinesiology, University of Waterloo
  • CSEP-Clinical Exercise Physiologist Candidate
  • Kin (Inactive), College of Kinesiologists of Ontario
  • Professional Kinesiologist, Alberta Kinesiology
  • Association/Canadian Kinesiology Alliance




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