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My name is Kalindra, but most people call me Kali 🙂 — Let me first start out by asking you a question: What does movement mean to you? To me, movement means I can cook my favourite meal, walk on the beach, and hug my family. Movement is involved in everything we do, and oftentimes it’s not until a disruption in movement that we realize this. Perhaps you sustain an injury, are managing a disease, or maybe your body just doesn’t move like it used to when you were younger. Moving pain-free with ease was something that I took for granted until I experienced my own bout of chronic injury…

My Story: After a few years of back-to-back injuries, I was told that due to my hypermobility — the excessive movement in my joints — the only exercise I could safely engage in was biking and swimming. As an active woman in my early 20’s I found this difficult to accept…so I didn’t. Instead, I read everything I could about hypermobility. After hours of reading, I had even more questions, and a mandate to answer them. I went to the Dean of my Kinesiology department and asked to do a directed readings course. This was the impetus for my research and academic journey, and it’s also the reason why I am so passionate about helping people feel comfortable, confident, and strong in their bodies, regardless of their stage in life!

My Experience: I obtained my B.Sc.(Honours) in Kinesiology from the University of Calgary, with my research areas spanning the fields of biomechanics, exercise physiology, and neuroscience. I have had the privilege of working with researchers, doctors, trainers, and physiotherapists, all which have shaped my current knowledge and understanding of how humans move! I’ve developed exercise programs for myself and many others, and have worked clinically with youth athletes, elderly populations, and everyone in between.

My Philosophy: My training philosophy focuses on our relationship with movement — What does movement mean to you? What feels good and what doesn’t? What motivates us and what doesn’t? Can we actually feel our bodies moving in a way that we feel grounded in and connected to? As someone with hypermobility — this part was tough for me! I want to help you cultivate a relationship with movement that motivates and excites you.

My Promise: As your personal trainer, my role is to help you achieve your health goals, whatever those may be. Here’s what I will bring to the table…
Trustworthiness — I will put in the work to design a program that is research-informed, practical, and tailored to meet your goals.
Reliability — I will communicate with you and set clear expectations from the get-go so that we are always
on the same page.
Passion — Loving what I do makes this part easy; I will bring energy and enthusiasm to our sessions!
Accountability — I will keep your goals at the forefront, and act as your “accountability buddy” to help get you there.


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