About Aleisia Arkley


My name is Aleisia. I am a born and raised Calgarian. My passion for health and wellness stems from my experience in the fashion industry as a teenager, where I witnessed the detrimental effects the media and industry have on body image and physical health. My foundations of fitness and performance come from training in dance and soccer since the age of 3. This was still at a time when we were instructed to push our bodies through pain and to “walk it off” if we were injured. The combination of my performance and work experience was what inspired me to focus my career on exercise and wellness for health-related outcomes.

In my 5 years of clinical experience working under physical therapists and medical professionals, I have learned the importance of having a team of supportive healthcare providers when managing chronic pain and injury recovery. I aspire to help individuals with their confidence in their abilities and their mind-body connection to build their strongest foundation. I wish to help you build your physical literacy to achieve your goals from a functional standpoint whether that is to be able to get up from a chair comfortably or to run a marathon.

I focus on supporting you progressively and gradually attaining realistic personal goals. By coaching you, encouraging you, and being your accountability booster every step of the way, I aim to foster your personal motivation. I emphasize the “personal” in personal training, ensuring you learn how to self-monitor your technique and habits.

One of my philosophies is “exercise in disguise,” meaning that if you enjoy what you are doing, whether socially or physically, you are much more likely to keep doing it. This applies to my area of interest of study: Motivation and Deep Green Exercise. Personally, this theory holds true that being in a natural environment improves my mood and sense of enjoyment and it is a growing body of research on mental health and physical activity. For this reason, you may find me in the mountains or in a park playing games!



  • Professional Kinesiologist, Alberta Kinesiology Association/Canadian Kinesiology Alliance
  • BSc in Kinesiology, University of Calgary
  • CSEP CPT and CEP candidate, Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology



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