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Services: In-home or virtual personal training, Online fitness & Nutrition, Strong Nation Personal Coaching, Beginner Tai Chi

Areas of Expertise: Functional Aging, Pain-Free Performance, Chronic Disease & Women’s Health

I got into competitive sports at a young age. As a child and teenager, if I wasn’t on the volleyball court or soccer field or practicing classical guitar, I was out for a run or practicing volleyball skills in our backyard with my twin sister. I was obsessed! Around this age, I fell in love with all things fitness and became very competitive with myself and still am! Unfortunately, at 16 years of age after several back-to-back volleyball practices, I was tired and went for a ball I shouldn’t have gone after at the third practice of the night. I jumped up to hit the ball and landed on the diagonal support of the volleyball pole. I blew out my knee  – completely tearing my ACL, tearing my MCL, and badly damaging my lateral and medial meniscus!! Despite this injury and surgery, I went on to play Varsity volleyball and played beach volleyball, my first love, throughout my 20s. I never thought I would love running if I wasn’t chasing a ball, but in my late 20s, I found a new passion, triathlon, where half ironmans and cycling are my favourite distance and discipline.


I’ve recently turned 40 and I have continued to be very active, absolutely love heavy lifting, a good sweat and an intense workout, along with peaceful active moments like Tai Chi, hiking, and leisurely walks with my dogs and partner. My knee problems resurfaced in the last 3 years and  8 months ago I had a high tibial osteotomy (HTO), medial and lateral meniscectomy, and repair of an avulsion fracture of my semimembranosus tendon, experienced muscle atrophy, and lost 15 lbs I didn’t need to lose. I’ve been working to build muscle and put the weight back on ever since and am progressing extremely well.  I like to tell my story of knee injury to those around me because if it weren’t for my high fitness level and approach to strength training, I’d be in more pain and struggling more. I’ve been told by several specialists that I recovered from the HTO better than they have ever seen. My original injury led me to pursue Exercise Sciences in school. It fueled my passion to help people in pain and has also really helped me identify with people with injury, because “I’ve been there and done that” and although I have the knee of someone much older than me, I chose to lead an unbounded life and reach for my goals. I do so by modifying my exercises and approach to better manage my evolving injury and to prevent further injury.

I am a Kinesiologist, Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Functional Aging Specialist, Pain-Free Performance Coach, Level 1 Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Pre and Postnatal Coach, and Women’s Coaching Specialist by training. In 2014, I completed a Ph.D. in Exercise Science and Psychology, where my research focused on exercise and cognitive health for older adults. I have a passion for helping non-gym goers, especially women, of ALL shapes, sizes, fitness levels, and ages reach their health and fitness goals. I  am dedicated to helping individuals with chronic disease and promoting active aging. I love helping older adults maintain function and mobility and preserve/promote their cognitive and physical health as they age. As a certified Functional Aging Specialist and Tai Chi Instructor, I incorporate aerobic activity, strength training, and Tai Chi into my programming for older adults. I firmly believe that age is just a number, that exercise is medicine and that exercise is for everyone – it is never too late to get moving and improve your fitness and quality of life. Nothing makes me smile more than when my clients put this philosophy and mindset into action in their own fitness journey.  I approach my job with energy and enthusiasm and a love for fitness and helping others lead a healthy life 

When off work, I enjoy time with my partner, Amir,  and our two dogs, and all things fitness and outdoors. My fitness routine involves weight training, cycling, high-intensity tempo training, mobility work, and tai chi. I love cooking, puzzles, country music, and movies.


      • B.Sc. in Kinesiology and Psychology, University of Waterloo
      • M.Sc. in Clinical Neuropsychology, University of Victoria
      • Ph.D. in Exercise Science and Psychology, University of Victoria
      • CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology
      • Professional Kinesiologist, Alberta Kinesiology Association/Canadian Kinesiology Alliance
      • Certified Functional Aging Specialist, the Functional Aging Institute
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    • PR-TOA Certified, Progressive Resistance Training the Older Adult, Be Stronger Fitness
    • Certified Pain-Free Performance Specialist
    • Strong Nation (Formerly Strong by Zumba) Instructor, Strong Nation
    • Older Adult Fitness Leader, Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association
    • Certified Online Trainer, Online Trainer Academy
    • Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association
    • CSEP High-Performance Specialist, Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology
    • TRX Suspension Training, Qualified Instructor, TRX
    • Trained Community Coach, Triathlon, National Coaching Certification Program
    • Level 1 Nutrition Coach (PN1), Precision Nutrition
    • DotFIT Certified Practitioner, DotFIT
    • Certified Tai Chi Instructor, Open the Door to Tai Chi 
    • Penalty Box Instructor, Penalty Box
    • Strong Smart, Redefining Strength
    • Certified Pre and Postnatal Coach, Coaching & Training Women Academy/Girls Gone Strong
    • Level 1, Women’s Coaching Specialist, Coaching & Training Women Academy/Girls Gone Strong



Services Offered: In-Home or Virtual Personal Training, Online Fitness, Soft Tissue Release

Areas of Expertise: Pain-Free Movement & Mobility, Soft Tissue Release, Athletic Training

My passion for movement began at the ripe age of 2 when I was enrolled in ballet classes. Today, my passion still lies in movement; however, my focus has changed from dance to public health & fitness. I graduated from the University of the Fraser Valley where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. While attending classes, I was given the opportunity to work with a varsity women’s basketball team as their student trainer. I worked under the head athletic therapist and learned about injury prevention, management, and rehabilitation. Since working with that team, I obtained my license as an emergency medical responder and have gained a wealth of experience working as the athletic trainer for various other sports teams including: football, rugby, lacrosse, and hockey.


My training philosophy is to educate clients to move safely and efficiently, in a fun and judgment-free environment. I teach the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ for each movement, which I believe gives the clients knowledge and skills that can be applied to all aspects of daily movement and can be used throughout the rest of their lives.


Outside of the gym, I like finding new, alternative ways to stay active. You may find me anywhere from the top of the ski hill to the circus school twirling on aerial silks. I am a tap dancer, an archer, and having grown up on the west coast, I’ve always been a sucker for a good mountain view.



      • BSc in Kinesiology, University of Fraser Valley
      • Certified Pain Free Performance Specialist
      • Emergency Medical Responder
      • Certified in Soft Tissue Release
      • Professional Kinesiologist, Alberta Kinesiology Association/Canadian Kinesiology Alliance



Services Offered: Virtual Personal Training & Online Fitness

Areas of Expertise: Weight Loss

My excitement towards human movement originated in my childhood and flourished throughout my career playing soccer. From a young age to my adulthood I played competitive soccer, from being captain of provincial teams to playing for FC Edmonton’s semi-professional women’s team to eventually making my way to playing for the University of Calgary. During my degree, I realized the years of me being a student had taught me how to be an even better coach off the pitch and motivating people to reach their full potential regardless of ability level.

I am a professional Kinesiologist who has primarily worked with older populations with chronic disease.

My philosophy stems from the idea that our bodies grow and learn every single day, we either teach them to move or stay sedentary.  Personal goals can sometimes be daunting, sometimes when we look at a forest we forget the individual trees. My objective through personal training is to help you set and reach small attainable goals that ultimately align with your long-term goals. Nothing is impossible if we cut them into bite-sized pieces.

Many of us feel stuck right now, during a pandemic that no one could have foreseen. The eating, the lack of exercise, and the pounds that seem to make their way onto our bodies as fast as overnight. One thing I can tell you is I was there! I gained around 40 pounds during COVID, I am happy to say that today I stand 35 pounds lighter and my journey is anywhere but over. Are you tired of turning off the light when you step out of the shower? Or throwing baggy clothes on? I am here to help you and motivate you to become the person you love looking at day in and day out.

In my free time, I engage in leisurely hikes, rock climbing, skiing in the winter, and frequent gym visits.



Services Offered: In Home or Virtual  Personal Training

Expertise: Functional Fitness, Core & Pelvic Floor Rehab, Perinatal Fitness

Sara comes to the team with more than 10 years of experience as a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor. She specializes in Functional fitness, Core and Pelvic floor rehabilitation, and Perinatal fitness.  She holds certifications with various governing bodies including ACE, CanFitPro, Functional Movement Systems, the AFLCA, TRX, Girls Gone Strong, Escape Fitness, Fusion Fitness, and many more.

Sara strives to empower clients and improve their health and quality of life; she believes that fitness is not a destination, but the beginning of the journey through a life full of vitality and possibilities.

In her spare time, Sara enjoys running, hiking, and playing outside with her husband and two young children. She also enjoys various art projects, music, and board games.

Brayden Baker

Admin/Office Work

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I am Kristina’s right-hand man and partner in life. I help Unbounded U Fitness with administrative tasks and sales on a part-time basis. I have an extensive background in sales. For my full-time work, I work in Occupational Health and Safety in the oil and gas sector and have a passion for keeping people healthy and safe in the workplace.

For fun, I enjoy an active lifestyle with Kristina and our 2 dogs, Xavier and Niko. I love cars, cooking, and traveling.


      • BSc in Microbiology, Islamic Azad University Tehran North Branch
      • MSc in Microbiology, Islamic Azad University Tehran North Branch
      • Occupational Health and Safety Certificate, University of New Brunswick

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