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Getting motivated to exercise can be so difficult. And many of us use the lack of motivation as an excuse to not exercise. At Unbounded U Fitness, we want you to “Feel Good In Your Body. No gym. No time, No excuses. Poor motivation is no excuse! Don’t let it get the best of you. Start moving to get motivated.

Even if it is difficult, you have to get started even when you aren’t motivated to do it.

Be honest now.

How many times have you thought, “I REALLY need to get off this couch and get some exercise?” 

But you only have ten or twenty minutes so you convince yourself that it’s not worth the effort. Or you think about running and then get discouraged because you can’t run a mile without stopping.

There’s a voice in your head telling you that if you can’t commit an hour or that if you can’t run a marathon or if you can’t train like an Olympic athlete, “Why bother?” That’s your pesky Inner Critic. It’s time to get your inner critic off your back and invest in getting fit.

Just Do It!

You can’t succeed unless you start. Things won’t change if you don’t change.

This is simply a fact. Getting healthy isn’t about becoming an elite athlete, it’s about making good eating choices, keeping positive, and carving out a little space in your day to move your body. It’s about consistently implementing simple healthy habits. That’s it. It sounds so simple but that Inner Critic is forever discouraging us from making a small effort. Our inner critic makes us feel so inadequate that we end up making no effort and ultimately, no effort leads us to failure.

Your Inner Critic has your best interests at heart.  Your inner critic wants to keep you safe and to make sure you never fail and never get hurt.  The problem with listening to your critic is that if you never begin, you’ll never cross the finish line.  So how do you quiet your inner critic long enough to start an exercise program?  Try bringing your inner critic along. 

Seriously, when you get down on yourself about not working out, try challenging your Inner Critic to bite off just ten minutes of the exercise pie at a time. Don’t bite off more than you can chew as the saying goes.  Your inner critic is a big talker.  Make your inner critic put in some work instead of just spouting negatives.  Commit to a short workout and use the time to sort out why you are feeling so resistant.

Create a 21-Day Habit

Well, here’s a kick in the pants. A study at the University of Virginia showed that men and women who completed 15 ten-fifteen minute workouts a week for twenty-one days achieved fitness levels equivalent to people ten to fifteen years younger and that their strength, flexibility, and endurance was equal to people twenty years younger.

“It would be useful for people to get out of the all-or-nothing mindset that unless they exercise for 30 minutes, they’re wasting their time,” says exercise psychologist, Glenn Gaesser, Phd.

Every Minute Counts! Something is always better than nothing!

Isn’t that what I keep telling you? All or nothing perfectionism is your Inner Critic’s biggest weapon and you need to beat that bitch by walking any chance you get, five minutes in one direction and five minutes back. Do that three times a day and you’ve got thirty minutes in without trying!

Or up the ante by taking ten minutes to alternate jumping jacks and pushups. While you’re cooking and you’re waiting for the timer to go off, use that ten minutes for squats and mountain climbers. Or better yet, crank up some music and dance around the kitchen for ten solid, joyful minutes! All that moving around ought to shake your Inner Critic loose and get her moving too.

You can sneak ten minutes in every few hours and the best part is that those ten-minute breaks will actually energize and focus you.

Remember You Can't Out-Exercise a Bad Diet!

I would be a jerk if I didn’t take this opportunity to remind you that you can’t outrun or out-exercise a bad diet. 

Exercise is not a magic eraser. You can’t use it to erase the sins of your hand-to-mouth activities. It won’t work. You must stick to the 80-20 rule. Stick to whole, unprocessed foods. At each of your meals, include a portion of lean protein, smart carbs, healthy fats, and lots of veggies. Do this 80% of the time! Better yet stick to 90% of the time.

Get Started Now.

Crazy as it sounds, as your fitness increases and you begin to enjoy working out more, your Inner Critic can become the ally that pushes you to run a little further and lift a little more.  The very same voice that kept you from getting started can become the voice that pushes you to achieve more and to reach your fitness goals.  Your Inner Critic needs a little training too.  And as your Inner Critic gets fit, it will become your best cheerleader.

You’ve got this!

Want to Change Your Body?

Then you’ve got to change your mind. You don’t have to be perfect to win, just committed to making small changes consistently.

Do you have concerns about life being cut short or being made difficult by poor health or disability? Do you struggle with managing your weight? Do you have pain that limits your ability to complete your everyday activities? Dealing with chronic health conditions, pain, or being overweight/obese can be taxing; adding a fitness routine and healthy lifestyle changes to your life may seem impossible. However, we have Kinesiologists and Exercise Physiologists that specialize in working with clients who are challenged with dealing with pain and with chronic diseases, like hypertension, diabetes, cancer, MS, arthritis and obesity; we help individuals with chronic disease safely incorporate exercise and other healthy habits into their lives. We help individuals improve their health and fitness, have more energy, limit their pain, improve their quality of life, take their lives back and have fun doing so.

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